Product overview USA Imperial Version

Analog (Phono)
Digital (Coax)
Starquad 4-conductor
Microphone Cables
Balanced 3-conductor
Microphone Cables

Balanced 2 conductor
Microphone Cables
Balanced Digital Cables
110 Ohm (AES-EBU/DMX)
Installationwire Analog
balanced analog
Installationwire Digital
110 Ohm (AES-EBU /DMX)
Stereo Cables
Analog (Installation)
Starquad Snake
Analoge Multiway 4 conductor


Multipair Cables
Analog Snake Balanced.

Multipair Cables
Digital 110 Ohm Snake



 DMX-110 Ohm
DMX-LED Hybrid
Tube Microphone 7-conductor
4 Conductor Headset Cable
Hook-up Wire
10-26 AWG


Loudspeaker Cables PVC Loudspeaker Cables FRNC
for installation
 Shielded Mains Power
Duplex Shielded
Power Cables


Hybrid Cables
Power & Signal
Media Control cables
CAT-5e Datawire
Videocables 75 Ohm
Special Offers
Remant cable sale

Swiss Made


Madeup cable assemblies
soldered at Gotham
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