Coaxial GAC-SPK 2 x 2.5mm² speaker cable with Polyuretane Jacket

Loudspeaker cables are transporting very high levels. In an ideal situation we want to have the lowest possible resistance between amplifier and speaker. In order to get closest to this figure, one should accommodate as much copper to the connector as possible to minimize the energy loss and the possible change of the sound performance of your system. Using a cable with a too small diameter can result the copper to transport the energy to its saturation, which will first decrease the level of high frequencies (cable gets warm or even hot) and affect your sound level and quality. Gotham currently offers different speaker cable types which can be combined as single line, stereo line or Biphase lines and/or put together for lower resistance. All PUR Gotham speaker cables are protected with ultra strong oil, heat and cold resistant polyurethan (PUR) jacket . The double layer copper strands for the outside line are built to keep a good flexibility and the stronger stranding of the center conductor (line) will keep the unwanted memory (bendings) to the minimum. Conductor 1 A&B and conductor 2 = 2x2,5mm2. Conductors 1A&B are not considered shields! Perfect SPK cable for up to 1650 Watts per line.


1 = Jacket: PUR, Ø 6.8mm / 0.27in, blue (dark)
2 = Separation: PUR, Ø 6.1mm / 0.24in, blue (dark)
3 = Conductor 1A: Bare copper wires 25 x 0.25 mm / (2.5AWG)
4 = Conductor 1B: Bare copper wires (0.20mm) 25 x 0.25 = 1A & 1B = total 2.5 mm² / (2.5AWG)
5 = Insulation: PVC, Ø 4.0mm/0.16in, red
6 = Conductor 2: (OFC) Stranded bare copper wires 50 x 0.25mm (2.50mm²)/50x30 (13AWG)

Technical Datas:

Center conductor resistance:   < 7.6 ohm/km / < 2.3Ohm/1000ft
Outside line resistance:   < 7.6 Ohm/km / < 2.4Ohm/1000ft
Capacitance: cond/cond: < 98 nF/km / < 32nF/1000ft
Test voltage: cond/cond: 800 veff
Insulation resistance: cond/shield: > 200 MOhm/km / > 61 MOhm/1000ft
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C
Maximum Watts load: @ current 15.0 Ampere/Line < 1650 Watt

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
50150 GAC-SPK
2 x 2.5mm² / 2x13AWG
6.8 mm / 0.27 in blue 200m / 656ft 18.30 kg / 42.4 lbs 1 x 200m

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