GAC-2 V1 Similar to GAC-2, improved noise performance

GAC-2 V1 (10421) also sold under P/N 10420 Balanced double shielded audio cable! Variation to our most popular GAC-2 microphone cable with the same construction as GAC-2 but the PVC-separation (4) has been made out of conductive material to improve the mechanical/noise performance. To improve the capacitance of the cable we have chosen to use PE as isolation material. This is the perfect 2-wire microphone cable without compromise with conductive seperation tube for minimal handling noise for film microphone booms.

Similar cables are available as ultrastrong PUR (10502) version and as industrial standard cable for a lower price (10405).

LFOC higher grade copper at best standards for best performance.




1 = Jacket: PVC, Ø 5.4 mm / 0.21in, black
2 = Shield No. 1 Bare copper wires (0.10 mm / 38 AWG) 100% coverage
3 = Shield No. 2 Bare copper wires (0.10 mm 38 AWG) 100% coverage
4 = Noise cancellation: PVC, conductive, Ø 3.1 mm / 0.12in, black tube
5 = Insulation: PE, white and brown Ø 1.2 mm / 0.05in, wrapped, twisted pair
6 = Conductor: Stranded bare copper wires 48 x 0.07 mm (0.19 mm²) / 48x41 AWG (24AWG)

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:    < 92 ohm/km / 24.4Ohm/1000ft
Shielding resistance:    < 20 Ohm/km / 6.1Ohm/1000ft
Capacitance: cond/cond:  max. 70 nF/km / 38.1nF/1000ft
  cond/shield  max. 118 nF/km / 57.6nF/1000ft
Test voltage: cond/cond:  500 veff
  cond/shield  2000 veff
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
10421 GAC-2 V1 5.4 mm / 0.21 in black 100m/328ft 4.60 kg/10.4lbs 4x100m

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