GAC-2 /foil FRNC AES Halogenfree 110 Ohm cable for digital transmission

Flameretarded FRNC Jacket (IEC 60332-3-24) and EN50266-2-4
Halogen Free IEC 60754-2 and DIN EN 50267-2-21

Digital 110 ohm halogenfree installation cable for AES/EBU systems.
The non-corrosive jacket material chosen (flame-retarded polyolefine) allows this cable to be used for fixed installations in public buildings and in governmental installations, where halogenfree products are demanded. Precise impedance stability over the whole cable with quad-twisted strands. Large conductor diameter for accurate attenuation without skin-effect disturbances. Aluminium-foil is melt with jacket for easy removal of shield with one shielding. Drain wires for quick ground connection. Unique combination of copper wires lap screening to function as drain wires and aluminium-foil for best shielding performance for digital and analog signals.

Similar cable as PVC Version available 10652

LFOC higher grade copper at best standards for best performance.
This cable is also capable to be used for DMX or analog audio signals.



1 = Jacket: Polyolefine, Ø 4.6 mm / 0.18in, purple
2 = Shield No. 1: coated aluminium-foil
3 = Shield No. 2 (drain): Tinned copper wires, Ø 0.15 mm / 0.006in
4 = Cords: PE, quad twisted with two conductors
5 = Insulation: Foam-skin 'PE', Ø 1.55 mm / 0.06 in, white and red
6 = Conductor: Stranded tinned copper wires 7x 0.20 mm (0.22mm²) / 7x32AWG (24AWG)

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:   < 85 ohm/km / < 24.4Ohm/1000ft
Insulation resistance:  
Attenuation: at 1 MHz: < 3.5 dB/km / < 10.7db/1000ft
  at 6 MHz: < 7.0 dB/km / < 21.3 dB/1000ft
Test voltage: cond/cond: 500 Veff
  cond/shield: 2000 Veff
Capacitance: cond/cond: < 50 nF/km / < 15.2nF/1000ft
  cond/shield: < 95 nF/km / < 28.9nF/1000ft
Characteristic impedance:   110 Ohm +/- 2 %
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
10660 GAC-2 CE AES 4.6 mm/0.18 in purple 400m/1'312lbs 9.00 kg/46.6lbs 2x400m

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