41705830/41725830 "ultimative" Phono/Chinch/RCA cable

Wire: GAC-1ultraPro 1001x (x= color) improved version of our GAC-1 (1000x)

With our brand new created ultra pro unbalanced cable (10018) , we can offer you the ultimative shielding for your audio signal!
Unbalanced audio cables: Again, it is our goal to protect the genuine signal from any signal possibly entering the system, therefore we use for analogue interconnect leads our double shielded GAC-1ultra pro (10011/-12/-18). The only double shielded unbalanced audio cable to our knowledge. The best possible shielding will protect your low energy audio signal from intruding noise and disturbance signals. The only realistic and possible treat for an audio signal. Together with our gold plated phono connectors you will have the best possible interconnect for your system.
We do not fear any comparison with any other claimed “Hiend” cables, just try us out.

Connector:  RCA/Phono/Chinch  Typ ACPR-xx (Pro-Serie mit Goldcontacts).

range of colors:
  • black , red, blue, yellow, white, green    other connectors on request
New June 2016: with top quality     GC-RCA1/RCA2

GAC-1ultra Pro (10012) select cable Amphenol ACPR  - XX Serie RCA




Retail Prices / Ordering Information: (July 2016)

Order Nr. Cable type   Connector Length Price each +/- 1m
41705830 GAC-1ultra Pro 1001x (Colour)

ACPR-XX (Colour)

3.0m 49.00 42.60 2.50 2.20
41725830 GAC-1ultra Pro 1001x (Colour) Gotham GCRCA-1 3.0m 64.25 56.80 2.50 2.20
Video "Do it yourself" 10018 Kabel an Chinch Stecker konfektionieren

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