41901830 Stereo Phono/Chinch/RCA lead with 12010

Stereo Phono/ RCA / unbalanced

GAC-1 twin (stereo) unbalanced (12010) madeup lead with Phono/Chinch/RCA connectors
Each signal line conductor is protect by our exclusive "double Reussen shield". Two layers of copper wires with each 100% coverage secure minimal crosstalk, maximal RF-rejection and excellent flexibility of the whole construction. With this concept of shielding and production, the cable is the best possible consent of reliability, flexibility and signal production. Tinned copper wires to enable easy soldering. Colour coded left (yellow) and right (red) channel. Parallel joint can easy be separated to have individual lines particularly for Y-lines and adapters.
This cable can also be used for Video 75Ohm application 8VGA

LFOC higher grade copper at best standards for best performance.
We do not fear any comparison with any other claimed “Hiend” cables, just try us out.


Wire: GAC-1 Twin 12010

Connector::  2x RCA/Phono/Chinch  Typ ACPR-xx (Pro-Serie Gold Contacts).

choice of colors:
  • black, red, blue, yellow, white, green
  • New August 2016: with top quality     GC-RCA1/RCA2   other connectors on request

GAC-1 Twin (Stereo Phono line) (12010)
Amphenol ACPR  - XX Serie RCA Stecker choice of color

Retail Prices / Ordering Information:

Order Nr. Cable type Code Connector Length Price each +/- 1m
419018730 GAC-1 Twin 12010
dark gray

ACPR-XX (Colour)

3.0m 85.00 78.80 2.75 2.45
Video "Do it yourself" 10018 Kabel an Chinch Stecker konfektionieren

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