41100630 Coax digital (S/PDIF) 10070

Unbalanced digital, audio signal leads with precise 75 Ohm impedance cables. Perfect for S/PDIF signals.
Low attenuation by using real silver coated conductor and shield. Attractive and very compact phonoplug (gold plated).


Wire:  GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070   (blue only

Connector:  RCA/Phono/Chinch  Type ACPR-xx (Pro-Serie mit Goldcontact).

choice of colors
  • black, red yellow, white, green  other connectors on request 
  • New June 2016: with top quality     GC-RCA1/RCA2

GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070 

Amphenol ACPR  - XX Serie RCA choice of color

Retail Prices / Ordering Information:  July 2016

Order Nr. Cable type Code Connector Length Price each +/- 1m

GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070

10070 blue

ACPR-XX (colour)

3.0m 49.55 43.10 3.50 3.05
Video "Do it yourself" 10018 Kabel an Chinch Stecker konfektionieren

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