GPC 3x1.5mm² Power Cable (85015) Shielded, high flex PVC up to 240Vac

Reussen shielded power cable  for mains power to your Hi-End Audio Gear. This cable ensures best transport of needed energy (up to 900 Watt and 9 Ampere current) to our device but due to our exklusive Reussen shielding and conductive seperation layer, this is protecting your signal cables nearby even better from humm and RF noise generated by the 50Hz signal going tru the power supply cable.



1 = Jacket: PVC (YM2) 1.1mm
Ø 7.60 mm max., ultrablue
2 = wrapping Non woven fabric tape
3 = Shield no 2. Bare copper wires (0.15 mm) 100% coverage S
4 = Drain Wire 16x0,19mmØ Cu (Ground) bare copper
5 = Shield no 1 K6160 Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded, both sides copper coated (see below)
6 = Insulation 3x: PE – 2YI 1, 0.43mm thickness.
Nominal Diameter 2.40 mm,
Color code: Blue-Brown-Yellow/Green
7 = Conductor 3x: 27x0,25mmØ "OFC" Cu 1,50mm² bare copper stranded
IEC 60228 Class 5 flexible copper conductor 1,50mm²

Technical datas:

Conductor resistance:   < 13.30 Ohm/km
Rating Voltage:  


Test Voltage:   2000 Veff
 Temperature range:   -30° to +70° C
Maximum Watts load: @ current 9.0 Ampere/Line < 950 Watt
New additional shield with K6160 Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded, both sides copper coated

K6160 Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded, both sides copper coated

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
85015 GPC-3x1.5mm² PVC 7.6 mm Marineblue 100m/328ft 11.00 kg/24.3 lbs 2x100m
85025 GPC-3x2.5mm² PVC 9.5 mm Marineblue 100m/328ft 16.50 kg/36.4 lbs 2x100m
85215 GPC-3x1.5m 8.2 mm Marineblue 100m/328ft 10.90 kg/24.0 lbs 2x100m
85225 GPC-3x2.5m 9.9 mm Marineblue 100m/328ft 16.65 kg/36.7 lbs 2x100m
85055 GPC-3x5.5mm² 13.0 mm Marineblue 100m/328ft 38.00 kg/83.8 lbs 1x100m


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