Shielded Mains Power Cable Class II up to 230VAC


Duplex shielded

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85015 3x1.50mm²
  85025 3x2.50mm²
High Flexible PVC
Power Cable
Reussen shield
High Flexible PVC
3x5.5mm² Power Cable
Double Reussen shield
86215 3x1.50mm² stranded
Metric site

87215 3x1.50mm² solid wire
shielded FRNC Power Cable
Duplex & Reussen shield

Power Cable Class II up to 230VAC FRNC  & Hybrid Cables Power &Signal

85215 3x1.50mm
85225 3x2.50mm
FRNC shielded power cables
halogen free
11510 3x 0.75mm²
11615 3x 1.50mm²
power & signal shielded
for your active monitor
DMX hybrid  10686
(FRNC) 2xDMX 2x1.0mm²
für 230vac LED

made-up leads (Swiss Made)        power cable assemblies

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