50240 FRNC SPK 2x4,0mm Halogen Free

Flexible Speaker cable for power amplifiers up to 2750 watts. 51 strands of 0.30 mm bare copper wires, stranding for best flexibility but still affordable price. Best cost effectiveness yet still flexible construction. Easy application to most connectors. Cotton strands do keep the cable construction round and stable.

Same cable available as PVC version (50040) , a bit more flexible Material.



1 = Jacket: FRNC compound , Ø 9.40 mm / 0.37 in, black
Seperation viscose fiber coat
2 = Insulation: Polyolefin, Ø 3.90 mm / 0.15 in, black and red
Filler:  cotton rope
3 = Conductor: (OFC) Stranded bare copper wires 224 x 0.15 mm  (4.00mm²) / 224 x 27AWG (11AWG)
Flameretarded FRNC Jacket (IEC 60332-3-24) and EN50266-2-4
Halogen Free IEC 60754-2 and DIN EN 50267-2-21

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:   < 4.65 ohm/km / < 1.42 Ohm/1000ft
Insulation resistance:   > 200 M ohm/km / > 61 MOhm/1000ft
Test voltage: cond/cond: 2000 veff
Max. Operating Voltage:   300 V
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C
Min. Bending Radius   5x overall diameter
Maximum Watts load: @ current 24.0 Ampere/Line < 2750 Watt

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
50240 SPK 2x4.0mm² / 2x11 AWG 9.4 mm / 0.32 in black 100m / 328 ft 15.15 kg / 24.3 lbs 1 x 100m

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