GAC-4/1 UltraPro Star Quad balanced, each conductor Reussen shielded

 Gotham "Star-Quad" cables are the most advanced microphone cables presently available. We have combined an ultraflexible PVC-jacket, low capacitive PE insulation, "double Reussen shielding" and quad (4-conductor) construction for a truly professional cable at an affordable price. The "Star-Quad" concept is known and recommended where the RF-rejection is the most important factor and where very long cable runs are needed. As we use each 2 conductors for low and high signal, we reduce the signal loss by 50% and due to the offset of the incoming RF-signal by the way the 4 conductors are twisted, the RF-rejection is over 130dB (25 kHz). The exclusive double shielding does its part of these features as well.
Now we have furter added another protection feature to the construction for ultimative shielding and/or
2 Channels (Stereo) balanced useage!
11301 is a starquad balanced single channel  5 times shielded audio cable! Ultraflexible professional audio cable for microphones. 'Double Reussen shield', velvet matte non-light reflecting PVC-jacket material.  A unique construction new invented by Gotham design.
Each of the 4 conductor is shielded with a lap shield 100% covering copper wires (7) (Reussen shield) plus a conductive separation lawyer (6) (Aluminium coated Poyester ). This conductor is twised in starshape around conductor nr 2/3/4 and turn ist holded in place with another aluminium coated lawyer (4), followed by Gotham's unique double Reussen shield. This cable is absolutely uncompromised to acheive maximum shielding possible while the flexibility and durability is still very good and the cable can be used in mobile applications as well.
One can also use the cable as a 2 channel balanced cable giving still perfect crosstalk and shielding of each channel!


1 = Jacket: PVC, Ø 8.80mm/0.34in ultramarine blue
2 = Shield No. 1. Bare copper wires (0.10 mm / 38 AWG) 100% coverage
3 = Shield No. 2. Bare copper wires (0.10 mm / 38 AWG) 100% coverage
4 = Layer Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded,
both sides aluminium coated
5 = Seperation Filler material viscose
6 = conductor shield layer Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded,
both sides aluminium coated
7 = conductor copper shield Bare copper wires (0.10 mm / 38 AWG) 100% coverage
8 = Isolation Cellular PE, Ø 2.00mm / 0.08in, 4 diffrent colors
9 = Conductor Stranded bare LCOF copper wires 64 x 0.10mm (4x)
(0.32mm²) / 64 x 38 AWG (4x) (22AWG)

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:    max 39 ohm/km / 11.9 Ohm/1000ft
Shielding resistance:    < 28 Ohm/km / < 8.5 Ohm/1000ft
Copper weight: per 100m 7.010 Kg/km Higher grade LCOF Copper
Capacitance: cond/cond:  max. 50 nF/km / 15.2 nF/km
  cond/shield:  max. 103 nF/km / 31.4 nF/km
Side circuit capacitance: cond/cond:  max. 55 nF/km / 16.8 nF/km
Side circuit capacitance: Quad system  max. 135 nF/km / 41.2 nF/km
Noise attenuation:   130 db (> wiring)
Test voltage: cond/cond:  500 veff
  cond/shield:  2000 veff
Operating voltage:   high voltage
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
11301 GAC-4/1 ultra pro 8.80 mm / 0.34 in marine blue 100m/328ft 12.50 kg/27.6lbs 2x 100m

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Starquad wiring instruction:
In order to benefit from the Starquad concept you need to wire the 4 conductors for you balanced audio cable as follows: (See wiring diagram below)
Bundle each opposite (Star) conductor together, we made colour code easy to identify the opposite conductor. (red/pink and white/ivory each belong together.)
Pin2= red&pink (Signal+),  Pin3= white&ivory (Signal -). Pin1= shield 1&2 =Ground
Put each a few strands of each layer of the shields together to ground Pin 1 should you not have space for all shielding strands.
Cut away any spare strands from the shields and secure that no loose strands are hanging around. Use a shrinking tube to avoid short circuits.
We do not recommend putting any ground to the body shell on either side of your XLR line. The connector shell will get to ground once plugged into a receptacle.
RCA/Phono/Jack unbalanced wiring:
Many clients use our 4 conductor cable also for unbalanced interconnects. In this case we recommend to only use 2 conductor (red/pink) for your signal and put all other wires or parts thereof to ground with the shields. This will increase your noise protection! However for unbalanced application we do have our perfect unbalanced wires 1001x, and 1000x.
Stereo & 2 Channels application:
We actually do not support the idea to use a Starquad cable for stereo wiring, however it will be done and can be made with acceptable compromise regarding crosstalk and similar. If you use the cable as stereo line, use red/white for channel 1 and pink/ivory for channel 2. And again, all the shields to ground but not to the body shell of your connector.
Check our perfect stereo cables 12001/13001 or our conductor shielded Starquad 11301 for real quality stereo wiring!